If you read anything I send, you will see a huge common trend…employee engagement is “king” if you truly want to stay in line or be ahead of the competition.

When we want to focus on how to better reach our employees, how to ensure our workplace and practices are motivating them and making them have a positive work experience we win on all levels. This takes time and focus. This needs to become part of how you do business. There is no one and done!

What does it take?

Redefining work/life balance to work/life blend.

The well being of our staff is a focus and an essential indicator of a positive employee experience.

Offering workplace wellness and mental health support is very important we have learned even moreso through the struggles related to the pandemic.

Expansion of benefits related to healthcare, mental health, child/eldercare support.

Include your employees in any changes you are seeking to make to be sure you are on the right track. The best leaders ask those who do the work to determine changes needed and ask them the “how to” make the changes happen. JBM calls her approach to helping organizations with this “Building Organization Capacity”.

Recognizing areas where opportunities for cost savings and/or improved business operations overall improve quality and quantity produced.

Reappropriate unused budgets to fund new programs. Evaluate what you spend money on now and objectively assess the value of the dollars you are spending. More often than not you will find money to implement better approaches to success if you follow the methodologies provided by JBM’s guidance.

For now….stop and truly assess how well you do this, how often you assess your practices and how you know what you are doing is working as well as it could be. JBM is here to effectively guide you through.