HR Now: Monthly HR Support

JBM is proud to highlight this popular online consulting monthly subscription options. Take note of the discounts that come with the hottest products offered.

Pay monthly or annually at a discounted rate.

JBM carefully selected the content within each package knowing what you and your supervisory staff need as you seek best practices in dealing with employees highlighting the following:

  • The employee handbook sample is a tried and true document sample. Updated as needed.
  • The webinars contain both compliance and proven best practices.
  • Essential consulting time to guide you with implementation of policies in the handbook and ongoing support dealing with day to day issues, we know is always needed.

Businesses have needed so much help in the area of HR compliance, managing leaves & policy writing, especially since COVID hit us. High level HR support is what you need. Don't fall victim to the payroll HR support services as they are not at the expertise level businesses need.

Our work world is changing rapidly. JBM is here for you to guide you! 

HR Now is a twelve month subscription, that can be purchased in one or twelve payments.