Hidden Bias in our Decision Making

This is something that everyone should review to identify where you stand with unintentional bias related to decision making. We all have some type of bias and we need to learn what they are and how to correct them as we guide our workplace and make important decisions. Diversity in thinking is important. 

How well do we ensure we integrate such discussions in our workplace?

JBM will take you through a variety of small changes that you can make that have significant impact in order to optimize results of your decision making.  

Our differences are our value to one another. How we incorporate different perspectives in decision making including hiring, group work etc, will make such a difference.  

Self awareness is key. Assess where your hidden bias is as you go through this video. Strong business owners and leaders seek to improve. This video will help you make the simplest changes to obtain strong results.

Consider having your supervisors review this as well!

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