Traits often correlated with success

As a leadership coach, there are trends that I see over time. When someone is confident they often are more apt to take calculated risks, pursue opportunities and generally have strong quality relationships. When we think of confidence we have to be sure we don’t mistake it for arrogance. Confidence is a quiet competence, confidence in one’s own ability exhibited through their interactions and overall behaviors.

Truly confident people don’t worry much as such individuals are often positive by nature and focus on positive outcomes. Their experiences related to making good decisions reinforces this ability.

Confident people seek opportunity, whether it is by building relationships, asking for opportunities and promotions or otherwise taking a leap of faith. Vision for the future is a strength for such individuals.

Confident people take a stand. Not necessarily what people want to hear, but they possess wisdom to understand which battles are worth fighting. They also back down graciously if they are wrong because they are secure enough to know they don’t know everything and value the viewpoints of others as opportunities to learn and grow.

Many leaders I coach hear me say this alot…”listen more than you talk”! Such individuals care and are naturally interested in how other people think and feel about situations. Those who talk more than listen are more than likely “masking” insecurities.

Confident people know they need others and ask for help. We all have weaknesses and confident people acknowledge this and seek help from others as they are more focused on self improvement, learning more, gaining valuable skills and optimizing their performance.

Where do you stand as a leader? Be honest…the strongest leaders know they don’t have it all, seek to learn and their self awareness allows them to be “real” to others and highly relatable.

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