We use attorneys. Why would we need an HR consultant?

  • Attorneys are still part of your HR challenges, however HR Websource offers a variety of policies and practices that will keep this need to a minimum.
  • Cost for one...Attorneys can be expensive and provide the law, not necessarily best practices on how to implement legal requirements.
  • Many attorneys send JBM clients and refer us to businesses!

It is often stated, ” I have an office manager that focuses some of his/her time on HR and it works”. Does it really?

  • Assess whether this really is working; We have found through feedback from office managers and inexperienced HR personnel that they are stressed, overworked and do not understand half of what they need to know related to HR, yet they are asked to handle things that can put a business in a vulnerable position legally, if challenged.
  • HR work CANNOT be considered "nice to have" it is an essential function for business to have, large or small...how you manage the function is how HR Websource can help.
  • HR Websource is the answer for this person learning on the job, and those that are interested in keeping up to date on the best practices.

I don’t have time to deal with HR related issues. Really? Think again...

  • You can’t afford not to spend time and money on these issues; Your staff salaries and benefits account for a significant portion of your business income.
  • Are you putting your business in jeopardy by not dealing with employment related laws and requirements?
  • Your employees are your most valuable asset; Ensuring they are working smart for your business needs to be a main priority.

What is talent management?

  • The importance of ensuring strong employee relations.
  • Internal systems, policies and practices in place to guide managers and employees as to expectations.
  • Ensuring that employees are working effectively with clear expectations and performance evaluation criteria to optimize productivity.
  • Having strong communication..

I know that training my staff is important, but we don't have the time or budget to cover this type of expense. What can HR Websource do to help with this issue? What will be the biggest benefit to having access to HR Expertise of this nature?

  • JBM can prepare you in a way that can guide you set you up for a successful HR audit. Our webinars will provide you and staff with proper training and ensure you are in compliance while learning best practices to implementation of important HR functions. Our approach saves you time, money and provides extensive material at your fingertips. HR consulting a phone call away, HR expertise that is highly valued, professional and responsive!

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