This pandemic is in full force, we have had a few weeks now and it can be getting very old to some...OR you can decide to make this time productive. What are you doing each day? Do you have a structure to your day? Are you seeking to improve your knowledge and skills? Are you eating well and exercising, even if just walking 30 minutes a day? Are you praying or meditating? Self care is important to maintaining good physical and mental health.

Through my coaching I find that many people struggle in life and in work because they are not in a job or role they are naturally suited for and therefore, do not do their best nor are they enjoying such work. So what should you do?

First consider taking an assessment. JBM offers the Disc profile. This quickly helps you identify your innate strengths and weaknesses.

Second, we focus on the extremes and seek ways to balance our work and life in general to seek a happy balance.

Third we discuss real options out there.

Finally we write up goals, actions, timelines and get to work on them!

Some have gone from executive role to self employed doing what they love..that's what I did.

Some have open businesses that support their passion.

Some have sought out totally different jobs, moving from professional to trades. There is a great career in trades for sure and a tremendous need.

What is your biggest concern with your future?

Coaching is life-changing in many ways. My clients often find it helps them improve their personal life while find the best way to make things better in their professional life. Well of course it does, we are who we are no matter where we go. If you have more interest in this, please consider my online options as they are cost effective and time efficient.

Find your passion and gain more positive in your daily life! I know I have found that and as they say, if you love your job, you never work a day in your life. That's me! Let it be you too.