Workplace Bullying Webinar

You would think I am covering a topic on young school aged people's behavior but I am not. Adults can be the worst bullies out there. We are seeing how some are "bullying" others by their aggressive political viewpoints on social media and this spills into the workplace in significant ways. We have gotten away from the focus of respect and rather some seem to be in antagonistic mode.  

This video will take you through some very practical views on the subject and what you need to do to ensure your workplace is one that is zero tolerance for such behaviors. One important point to understand is that bully behaviors can quickly become unlawful behaviors that put an organization/business at high risk for claims related.

This video includes:

  • Confronting workplace bullying and how to address it
  • Workplace bullying defined
  • Forms of bullying and what to look for
  • Co worker bullying and how that can create a hostile work environment
  • Samples of situations 
  • Consequences of bullying and liability related

See what you think! Be sure your supervisors view this video! It is their role to identify and stop it where possible.

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