Performance Evaluation Process Made Easy

We dread this but we need to do it and do it well. As supervisors/leaders/business owners this is your KEY responsibility. Ensure all are working in a manner that is productive and consistent with company values and goals.

What should you expect to obtain from this video? Here are a few things included:

  • How do effectively complete an appraisal
  • Describe how your company views performance management tied to mission/value/culture
  • The performance appraisal process in detail
  • The evaluation forms and how to complete them
  • Best approaches 
  • Consideration of self appraisals, what and why should you consider them
  • Consider how this process impacts pay, if at all
  • Tools needed to complete the process; the role of job descriptions

Be sure your supervisors review this important video on the topic. The tips included make all the difference! Compliance and best practices are tied to this process.

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