Sexual Harassment Training for Employee

Sexual Harassment Training for Employee

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Sexual Harassment training for ALL employees regardless of the size of your business or organization is essential and in NYS required.  New hires must be hired within 30 days, all other employees must be trained by the end of 2019 and each year after.   A separate training is also required for Supervisors and available through this website. 

To appropriately handle this type of training and to document compliance and ensure full understanding of the content so it is important to consider the following while the employee is viewing this audio/visual presentation:

  • A company representative well trained on the topic and internal policy and procedures related to guide the individual viewing this video.
  • Your copy of the updated, compliant Sexual Harassment Policy
  • A copy of the Complaint Form
  • A copy of the materials covered in this presentation.
  • Signed document that training and full understanding has occurred and placed in the employee's file.

 Keep in mind that JBM is available to answer emails from those who employees assigned to review this webinar with this purchase!