Performance Appraisal Templates

Performance Appraisal Templates

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You think you don't need performance measurements?  Think again...Large or small business...Performance evaluations are one of the most important tools any business owner, supervisor or manager has in any organization. 

Benefits of performance appraisals:

  • Determine the areas of strengths and challenges
  • Provide clear and important communication to employees
  • Show you care enough about them to help them grow
  • Identify specific areas to provide training to develop employees in areas they are struggling or would like to grow
  • Support your management style, we provide different types of appraisals that will accomodate your style
  • Provide solid documentation for employment decisions such as promotions, demotions, terminations

Performance evaluations can be different and should be customized to meet your management style and needs so we offer different choices to see which style may work best for you:

  • Narrative Style -an appraisal that is all writing format for extensive detail and for those managers and leaders that believe expression in the written word is of more value than ratings
  • Task/Standard format - ONE document that includes job description tasks, standards of performance and evaluation all on one form
  • Combination of narrative and rating format (most popular) - includes more traditional rating system with areas for comments
  • Self Evaluation for those that may desire having employees rate themselves and share ratings with their supervisor in order to come to different perspectives of performance and optimize communication related to the work experience