Mid Size Business Solution (50+ employees)

Mid Size Business Solution (50+ employees)

  • $999.00

If you are an employer with 50 or more employees, it is absolutely necessary that you identify your largest vulnerabilities and move toward compliance.  This solution will help you develop a strong HR infrastructure to responsibility manage your business.  

This package will get you off and running in the right direction.  The content in this solution provides information that any business owner or employee responsible for HR practices will find useful and important for best practices and compliance.  Such items include HR AdministrativeTools & Templates that will ease your mind in how to approach challenges and forms to assist.

Many organizations are not sure of where they stand related to HR Compliance...We also recommend you purchase and utilize our client favorite HR Compliance Assessment.

Be ahead of those DOL Audits!

As with any tool or solution package, it is advisable that you consider the value of our "Partner Package" that includes 2 hours of one to one direct consulting time with JBM.

Included in this solution: 

Employee Handbook Sample completely designed for you to edit, customize to reflect your business practices

Employee Handbooks are the most important communication tool for any employer to have to ensure compliance and keeping communications clear with employees. If you have ever had to write a handbook yourself, you know the time and expertise needed to ensure you have a comprehensive and useful handbook.

"Why Have Employee Handbooks?" Webinar

An employee handbook is a document that not only presents a professional image for your organization, but also ensures important policies are properly communicated to all employees in the same manner.

Sample Interview Questions/Hiring Checklist

This section will provide you with a series of interview questions that will be useful depending on the type of position as well as a "hiring checklist" to keep you on track with proper hiring procedures. Consistency in hiring matters! 

Hiring Right, The Selection Process Webinar

Covering the best practices in the hiring and selection process. 

Performance Appraisal Templates

You think you don't need performance measurements? Think again...Large or small business...Performance evaluations are one of the most important tools any business owner, supervisor or manager has in any organization.

Performance Management Webinar

How to reduce liability, improve performance, and achieve your goals through a formal employee evaluation process. 

Job Description Writing and Classifiying

Don't get caught in an audit! Take the time to handle this important compliance and performance communication tool!

Employment Practices/Liability Checklist

HR Websource provides helps you identify liability that comes in many forms. This section provides a checklist that will help you determine how at risk you may be. 

Once you have more than 50 employees, you have increasingly more compliance issues to focus on such as:


Family Medical Leave is becoming more and more a popular benefit that employees are utilizing. 

Americans with Disability Act

ADA provides civil rights protection to individuals with disabilities similar to those rights provided to those on the basis of race, sex, national origin, age, etc. 


This section will link you to the government site that will assist you with administering COBRA. (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconcilitation Act) 

JBM can guide you through what you must have and provide you with materials that you need to be in compliance if you need them.  Contact JBM

Harassment Prevention, Identification

There are many behaviors in the workplace that can be perceived as Harassment. It is up to management personnel to recognize the clues that inappropriate and unlawful behaviors are affecting employees and the workplace dynamics.  Review the webinar below and seek assistance from JBM to ensure you are in complete compliance.  The webinar can be used to review with your staff to meet training compliance requirement!

Harassment Webinar

Identify, handle, and resolve harrassment, this webinar will guide you through how to effectively get through this difficult process.  

The following actions are often those where common management practices become problematic. Consider one to one consutling with JBM while using the tools we provide.

Disciplinary Action

Handling disciplinary action is hard for even the most senior level members of management. We can help! 

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews provide significant value to any organization; find out why your employees are leaving. 

Conflict Management

Recognize that conflict in the workplace is one of the leading causes of turnover and lost productivity.   Join in our Partner Package to obtain the webinar on this topic and the ability to have one to one consulting with JBM.  There is a great deal that you need to be thinking through at this level of employees.  Allow JBM to make this easier.


Like it or not, this is a necessary evil for all of us from time to time. We offer guidance on how to handle the termination.