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HR Now!

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Do you have an HR question or pressing need that you need a quick answer for?

Here are some of the common questions through HR Now:
  • How do I know if a position is exempt or non exempt? This requires analysis & review of BOTH salary and job duties.
  • Can I terminate an employee with no notice? This will depend on your policies related. We can review together.
  • How do I know what leaves need to be coordinated related to FMLA, NYS DBL and  Worker's Compensation? There are many variables to consider.
  • Can I give comp time in lieu of overtime pay? Not in the private sector.
  • Do I have to pay hourly staff for answering emails/texts off the clock.  Absolutely yes!
  • Some employees claim that customers are being inappropriate, customers are always right, right?  Do I need to worry about this? Yes you do, depending on the nature of the comments, it can be unlawful conduct.
  • We are in an industry where drinking is common. My bartenders and servers complain about how they are treated at times. Is this just what comes with the territory? Absolutely NOT!..Learn more.
  • I'm a small business, two employees, do I need to have Sexual Harassment Training for all of us?  Yes every year in NYS.  See our online options.
  • Can NYS Sexual Harassment training be online? Yes, we have compliant training on this site.  Supervisors need to have a different training than employees. JBM offers both online.
  • I have employees who complained they weren't considered for an open position.  I just put a person in the role, is that ok?  Be sure you are following your hiring policies related. If you don't have such help through HR Now!
  • I don't have a formal employee handbook because we talk all the time, we are small and I don't like to have formal communications of this type, is this ok?   Best practices is to have a comprehensive handbook. We have one here on this website for you to customize OR JBM will do this for you. 
  • My employees are complaining about a manager related to their approach and demeaning style, is this something I need to handle?  If so, how? Yes, one reason is employee relations matters, second is such conduct can be considered unlawful depending on the nature of their approach.  
  • Why does a small business need an HR Consultant?  Compliance is critical! Learn more
  • What role does a third party HR Consultant play?  How do we integrate such a person into our organization? JBM is the HR Partner to many.  A highly qualified HR person is absolutely required. Avoid those payroll, entry level support staff that often come with your payroll package.  See online options on this website. Consulting time to purchase is available. Hire the level of person you need! This will save you in legal fees as well.

You can't afford not to seek high level now for up to a half hour consulting block. Also, be assured that your information is private and goes directly to JBM.