HR Basics Solutions - making available important information to support your compliance efforts!

HR Basics Solutions - making available important information to support your compliance efforts!

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This solution has ready to edit samples of comprehensive employee handbooks, job description writing tools and templates to guide you step by step and performance evaluation samples.  Variety is key, there is no one size fits all so all of these samples are designed to allow for you to save as Word and edit to meet your style and needs.

Ensuring you get your HR infrastructure in place will not only ensure compliance but also will ensure expectations are in order.  Most businesses that find issues once they hire employees realize that if they had clearer expectations and policies in order such issues would not have come up.  Reduce your headaches...   This Solution will help get you off to a strong start! 

As with all of our solutions and tools, JBM can assist you through the process.  Through our Partner Package and other Consulting options, such one to one direct consulting with JBM is affordable and accessible.  

Included in this solution:

Employee Handbook Sample, providing complete flexibility for you to edit to fit your business management style

Employee Handbooks are the most important communication tool for any employer to have to ensure compliance and keeping communications clear with employees. If you have ever had to write a handbook yourself, you know the time and expertise needed to ensure you have a comprehensive and useful handbook. 

Job description writing - Job Analysis

With the focus on job classifications increasing, knowing whether a position is exempt or non exempt is far more complex than ever.  Before you can determine the classification, a detailed job description must be written and given the scope of the responsibilities, an analysis as to the status can be determined.  This is often an area of failing audits for many businesses.  Seek assistance from JBM to be sure you are on the right track.  

It is vital that organization management and employees understand the scope and details related to any one job. Many find this a task that seems daunting...we make it easy! 

Performance Appraisal Templates

You think you don't need performance measurements? Think again...Large or small business...Performance evaluations are one of the most important tools any business owner, supervisor or manager has in any organization.   There are several samples for your to review and determine which would best fit your management style.  All are effective tools, the manner in which you utilize them is what is key.  

For additional support, review of your final products  and how to use them effectively, let us package some consulting time so you can be sure you are using these products in the most effective, appropriate manner.  We make this affordable with our online consulting options...and will customize time to meet your needs.