Hiring Strategies - get some tips quickly by purchasing this package! Avoid making unnecessary mistakes in the hiring process!

Hiring Strategies - get some tips quickly by purchasing this package! Avoid making unnecessary mistakes in the hiring process!

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Managing the process for hiring your staff and retaining the strong ones is key to success.   Let us guide you through an effective hiring and managing of staff. We not only want to ensure we hire the right skills to fit the job duties but we need to optimize performance. The smaller your business the more important it is to hire right and keep them working up to and beyond expectations.

This Solution includes effective strategies for hiring from a comprehensive list of proper questions to ask, "red flags", what to look for in interview responses  as well as the compliance related to the interview process including hiring and new hire orientation checklists that will make this easier to keep both organized and compliant.

Once an employee is hired you need to evaluate performance to ensure you are getting the quality and productivity levels you expect.

Finally, you need to keep employees engaged, loyal and motivated.  We have tools to assist you in every aspect.

The documents in this package are proven to be useful for JBM clients.  Alot of time and expertise goes into creating such solutions.  Once you pay, you download the documents and share them with your coworkers. 

Included in this solution:


Sample Interview Questions/Hiring Checklist

These questions are very comprehensive based on specific behaviors that are commonly hard to address.  JBM has developed questions for you to ease this process and guide you through an effective way to determine what responses to look for, how to follow up on question etc.

You will also have reference questions to ask, reference relasing forms needed to obtain such references and other important hiring checklists  to keep you on track with proper hiring procedures. Consistency in hiring matters!  

Hiring Right, The Selection Process Webinar

View this short webinar that covers the best approaches in the hiring and selection process.  

Performance Appraisal Templates

You think you don't need performance measurements? Think again...Large or small business...Performance evaluations are one of the most important tools any business owner, supervisor or manager has in any organization.  There are a variety of templates, review each one to see what best matches your management style.

Performance Management Webinar

How to reduce liability, improve performance, and achieve your goals through a formal employee evaluation process. 

Motivating Employees

Motivating doesn't mean just keeping employees happy; it is much deeper than that., review this webinar to find out best practices  

All webinars are under 45 minutes long...take the time to gain the knowledge you need in these important compliance and management areas.

When is the last time you asked your employees how they feel about employment practices and their work environment?