Hiring Right Makes all the difference!

Hiring Right Makes all the difference!

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Hiring is the most important job any business owner or leader has in an organization.  JBM will guide you through the important steps you should consider including the role of the person making the hiring decision.

There are laws that govern this process as well. JBM will provide best practices in order to avoid legal pitfalls including do's and don'ts.  

Other items included are:

  • Why things go wrong in the process?
  • Assessing your interview skills/style
  • Interview Tips
  • Look for "red flag" comments, statements
  • How to identify and determine competencies
  • Concept of EEO in making hiring decisions 
  • Due diligence expected in the process
  • References 
  • The job offer

JBM's approach with the video training is to offer practical, tangible guidance.  Be sure to have anyone hiring for your business/organization view this so they too can be the best they can be in participating in this important process.