Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews

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Exit interviews provide significant value to any organization; find out why your employees are leaving. 

Use this section to determine best practices including sample processes and policies, as well as exit interview questions.

This section includes:

  • Exit Interview Sample Policy
  • Exit Interview Process - Best Practices
  • Administrative Exit Checklist to ensure all "i's are dotted, t's are crossed"; return of property;change of electronic passwords etc
  • Sample Exit Interview Questions
  • Feedback centers on topics such as: management practices, benefits, compensation, work environment

Some of the best feedback you can get is from those that have worked with you and left!

You spend a great deal of your income on your employees, find out what really matters! 

Employee Engagement  is how to obtain best information while actively at work. Exit Interviews are another avenue for good information for those who choose to leave.