Effective / Compliant Hiring Practices Package

Effective / Compliant Hiring Practices Package

  • $299.00

When is the last time you considered your hiring practices?

How do you know you are handling the process well and in a compliant and effective manner?

Remember..the most costly error one can make is to hire the "wrong" person for the job in productivity and potentially legal issues.

We offer solutions to guide you through this process with ease including sample interview questions, checklists, and training through our online Webinar.

Included in this package:

Sample Interview Questions/Hiring Checklist

This section will provide you with a series of interview questions that will be useful depending on the type of position as well as a "hiring checklist" to keep you on track with proper hiring procedures. Consistency in hiring matters! 

Hiring Right, The Selection Process Webinar

Covering the best practices in the hiring and selection process.