Basic Compliance Solution

Basic Compliance Solution

  • $799.00

This Solution is for those business owners that are savvy enough to realize there are compliance issues but are not sure what is necessary and where to turn.  JBM through this online resource has made management practices easy, moving you toward compliance and effective management of your employees by providing comprehensive samples that you can edit to fit your needs and style. You need to know what you don't know.  This solution will do that for you through the variety of tools included.

Assessments will help you determine your HR compliance "health"...results of the assessment will help guide you to identify your biggest vulnerability areas while providing guidance on how to move toward compliance incuding  necessary tools, templates and training associated.

Comprehensive HR Assessment identifies key compliance areas of HR practices and specific practices that should be in place.

Recordkeeping Assessment is important since audits are often focused not only on practices but record of effective practices.  

Employee Handbooks are essential regardless of the size of business. Learn why through watching our webinar which includes content that should be included.

Finally, our Employment Practices/Liability Checklist will help you focus and determine what you need to do.

Included in this solution:

Comprehensive Human Resources Practices Assessment

A client favorite, this assessment allows you to determine where you may be most vulnerable with regard to HR compliance. An excellent tool to identify areas of most vulnerability.

Employee Handbook sample, downloaded for complete flexibility in editing to customize for your organization and unique practices.

"Why Have Employee Handbooks?" Webinar

An employee handbook is a document that not only presents a professional image for your organization, but also ensures important policies are properly communicated to all employees in the same manner. 

Personnel Files, do's and don'ts as well as an Audit so you can verify how your practices meet requirements

Employment Practices/Liability Checklist

HR Websource provides helps you identify liability that comes in many forms. This section provides guidelines, audits and checklists that will help you determine how at risk you may be.