Professional Services

JBM HR Consulting services will help eliminate the biggest hassles in your day – so you’ll have more freedom to focus on other important issues.

Some of JBM's services include:

Organization Development Expert

JBM HR Consulting can design and run effective group meetings, large or small, handling all types of personalities along the way. She takes a task-oriented approach to ensuring goals are reached. In addition, by encouraging employees to help resolve objectives and challenges together, she makes certain everyone feels included, which is important for the best results. This service is especially useful for strategic planning and group projects of any type.

Employee Relations

JBM can serve as your HR contact to develop and maintain a productive work environment.

Performance Management

JBM Consulting can assist you in designing evaluation forms and advise you on implementing the process. It's more about the handling of the meeting and preparation of content than it is about the "form" itself.

Professional Development Programs

JBM can provide training in a variety of Human Resources topics including the do’s and don’ts for effective hiring and interviewing, handling performance evaluations, best practices in managing your staff, and positive client relations.

Conflict Resolution

JBM can serve as a third-party to assess the issues and, together with management, resolve the problems.

Disciplinary Action and Termination

JBM can handle difficult and sensitive disciplinary proceedings and terminations, treating all with dignity and respect throughout the process.

Policies and Procedure Development

JBM can develop policies and procedures for your business, including your employee handbook, as well as provide harassment and discrimination investigations and resolutions.

Work Process Review & Improvements

JBM can help ensure your organization is properly staffed and operating at optimal efficiency by assessing your current staffing levels, streamlining employee functions, and reducing redundancies, which will enhance overall quality and performance.

Staff Reorganization Assessment

JBM can review the goals and functions of your organization and recommend a better structure that will enable your business to operate more efficiently. This includes rightsizing your organization and ensuring proper people with the appropriate skills are in the right positions, possibly reducing overhead costs. In any case, the goal is to work smarter, not harder!

Leadership Coaching

Reach that next level of professional/leadership skills. JBM is well known for assisting leaders and professionals in seeking that career path that results in optimal performance and job satisfaction. Available face to face and through our progressive, time efficient, cost effective online option.