FAQ - Why do you need a Third Party HR Partner?

I am a small business (less than 5 employees) why do I need HR Support? 

  • Even if 1 employee, there are over 10 employment laws that you must in compliance with. Further, employee issues come up regardless of how many you have.  JBM can provide such support, quick answers to difficult issue related to managing employees.  
  • Small businesses are big targets for compliance audits.  JBM is making every effort to support small businesses so you can avoid costly "mistakes". 

How many employees should a company have before there is a need for an HR department?

  • As organizations grow, there is a need for more experienced HR support but that does not mean an HR department is necessary NOR does it mean you will fill all of your HR needs.  The trends are focused on hiring an HR expert on an outsourced basis with years of HR experience.  This makes it cost effective, time efficient and best practices in keeping up with compliance and best practices.
  • Typically, any organization, even those with as few as 10 employees, need someone to tend to the employment related issues. Unfortunately HR functions are often given to a Controller or Office/Store Manager.  This will NOT work.  Such individuals are not going to have the knowledge base you need.  HR is complex. They are spread too thin and are inadequately prepared to handle complex employment related issues.  JBM's Online Consulting is one cost effective way to address your HR needs.  
  • Outsourcing this function could be the answer to solving your HR issues.
  • Self Help is your preference? Check out our convenient packages that will best suit your needs from policies/procedures, handbooks to, power points, webinars, tools/templates and step by step "how to's" for those difficult meetings related to discipline, performance, harassment...No better source of comprehensive HR management practices

How does HR Websource consulting work for an organization when they are not part of the organization day to day?

  • JBM of HR Websource IS your HR partner.  Online Consulting can meet your needs on multiple levels for those day to day questions and more strategic complex aspects of the field as well.
  • JBM of HR Websource provides a variety of areas of expertise and methods to assist in day to day operations.
  • JBM of HR Websource serves as a mentor to that person on staff who handles employment questions, so that person can appropriately and comfortably handle the situations they encounter.
  • JBM of HR Websource is connected with an HR experienced professional with over 25 years of experience in the field in a variety of organizations/businesses. Find out more about the expertise through JBM Consulting

Who benefits from an online HR consulting service such as HR Websource?

  • HR professionals & Leaders who want some additional resources to make their overwhelming tasks simpler.
  • Any business or organization that recognize their need for proper HR practices as well as the latest in best practices.
  • Any professional who wants access to cost effective methods of training supervisors and staff through webinars. Customized options are also available.
  • Anyone who has HR questions and issues that would like access to an HR expert for advice.
  • Anyone who may need help with employee problem solving; conflict resolution; harassment/discrimination issues or investigations, performance management/disciplinary action parameters for decision making and help with approaching employees and when assistance is needed for hiring best practices, appropriate questions to ask, other compliance information
  • Leaders who desire professional development through our  Professional Career Coaching.

How much does something like this cost? 

  • Consulting on an “as needed” basis can be handled on a flat rate annual fee with a certain amount of hours committed to that organization for that fee. See Online Consulting for details; Very affordable, very comprehensive.

What types of leadership development opportunities are available through HR Websource?

  • One on one Coaching is becoming an increasingly more important method of retaining the best by developing them to optimize behavior traits and performance. Click here to learn more: Online Consulting and/or Professional Coaching.
  • More and more organizations realize that retaining employees and offering professional/personal development to improve performance is the most cost effective way to go.  HR Websource offers a unique on line Professional Coaching opportunity providing an opportunity for those professionals that have trouble "getting away" from the office... coaching online.
    Coaching online is available, including live interactions and multiple methods of improvements that produce results.

> What constitutes HR functions?

  • The functions include such things as compliance, recruiting, orienting new employees, writing (compliant/functional) job descriptions, performance management, recordkeeping requirements; as well as writing policies, preparing customized employee handbooks and guidance on implementation etc.
 How do I know what I need for my organization?
  • HR Websource provides a series of highly valued, client favorite assessments that quickly identifies those most vulnerable areas and makes recommendations as to what to focus on and why
  • Want comprehensive review of your organization?  Go to our client favorite Assessments
  • If you do nothing else, you need to consider the HR Assessment which is comprehensive in nature and will save you time and provide you with a focus to prioritize what you may need to do to improve in this area
What is the value of having such HR functions in place? 
  • Compliance, reduced liability
  • Strong employee relations
  • Higher performing employees
  • Strong management practices

I need an HR structure. What would HR Websource do to help with that?

  • HR Websource helps you determine the expectations of those key business managers that realize the need but not sure as to the details necessary
  • Compliance issues will be identified allowing you to prioritize the types of skills needed for someone to handle HR functions
  • HR Websource offers Assessments as the answer to identify and priortize your needs
  • Feel free to get the help you need to think through the process...consider utilizing the expertise of JBM through Online Consulting

It seems easier just to hire someone on staff to handle this work. Why shouldn’t I? 

  • Trending HR 2020 is focusing on the need for high level HR expertise given the continuing changes to laws and the complexity of the HR field.
  • The cost of a well experienced full time HR professional is often not always money well spent, since the needs of smaller organizations require the level of expertise HR Websource provides but within budgets easy to handle
  • JBM as an experienced consultant can plug right in and set up a process to resolve the issues.
  • Most organizations that insist on hiring this position have found this to be true. Not only are strong HR professionals paid significant salaries, but a well experienced person would likely not be energized by small organizations since the need for their service on an ongoing basis is simply not there.
  • There have been many businesses that tried hiring a full time person, but quickly see the voids in experience level and they realized it doesn’t work completely… they now use JBM Consulting,  Online Consulting and/or other resources on HR Websource to guide them through the management of our most valuable assets..our employees!

We use attorneys. Why would we need an HR consultant?

  • Attorneys are still part of your HR challenges, however HR Websource offers a variety of policies and practices that will keep this need to a minimum.
  • Attorneys can be expensive and provide the law, not necessarily best practices on how to implement legal requirements.
  • Many attorneys send JBM clients and refer us to businesses!

It is often stated, ” I have an office manager that focuses some of his/her time on HR and it works”. Does it really?

  • Assess whether this really is working; We have found through feedback from office managers and inexperienced HR personnel that they are stressed, overworked and do not understand half of what they need to know related to HR, yet they are asked to handle things that can put a business in a vulnerable position legally, if challenged.
  • HR work CANNOT be considered "nice to have" it is an essential function for business to have, large or small...how you manage the function is how HR Websource can help.
  • HR Websource is the answer for this person learning on the job, and those that are interested in keeping up to date on the best practices.

I don’t have time to deal with HR related issues.  Really? Think again...

  • You can’t afford not to spend time and money on these issues;  Your staff salaries and benefits account for a significant portion of your business income.
  • Are you putting your business in jeopardy by not dealing with employment related laws and requirements? 
  • Your employees are your most valuable asset; Ensuring they are working smart for your business needs to be a main priority.

What is talent management?

  • The importance of ensuring strong employee relations.
  • Internal systems, policies and practices in place to guide managers and employees as to expectations.
  • Ensuring that employees are working effectively with clear expectations and performance evaluation criteria to optimize productivity.
  • Having strong communication..

I know that training my staff is important, but we don't have the time or budget to cover this type of expense. What can HR Websource do to help with this issue? What will be the biggest benefit to having access to HR Expertise of this nature?

  • JBM can prepare you in a way that can guide you set you up for a successful HR audit.  Our webinars will provide you and staff with proper training and ensure you are in compliance while learning best practices to implementation of important HR functions.  Our approach saves you time, money and provides extensive material at your fingertips.  HR consulting a phone call away, HR expertise that is highly valued, professional and responsive! 

How is HR Websource different?

  • Many ways, we have used other sites that inspired us to create a site that is user friendly, highly educational by design, providing material proven as best practices, not found on other sites
  • HR Websource has a proven HR expert handling all material on the site, known for best practices and excellence in HR;
  • JBM's credentials, integrity and reputation as subject expert
  • Webinars on topics that are critical, conflict resolution, harassment, performance management
  • HR Practices and Record keeping Assessment to help you find your compliance vulnerabilities
  • Step by step guidelines to ease the stress related to sensitive investigations or other meetings such as harassment, termination, conflict resolution
  • Easy to use, affordable, personal touch...knowing about the "who" behind the content...JBM is available to meet your needs!