Employee Handbook Sample Template and Consulting Bundle

Included: Template + 2.5 Hours Consulting

Customize this handbook template to ensure compliance and match your management practices and needs!

Employee Handbooks are the most important communication tool for any employer to have to ensure compliance and keeping communications clear with employees. If you have ever had to write a handbook yourself, you know the time and expertise needed to ensure you have a comprehensive and useful handbook.  

An employee handbook is a basic part of the business management foundation for any business with employees. Regardless of size, there are laws, rules, and guidelines employees need to have.



The Employee Handbook Template developed by JBM has been compiled over the course of many years, with constant improvements and updates based on new regulations and requirements.

Includes OVER 70 TOPIC AREAS, under the categories of: Anti-Harassment and Discrimination, Conduct, Staffing Policies, Health & Safety, Company Policies & Procedures, Compensation, Performance, Discipline, Leave Policies, Benefits, and more!

Bundle and Save!

While JBM's Employee Handbook Template can get you up and running quickly with an important document to keep you compliant, an even better value comes from 2.5 hours of consulting time included! JBM's expertise in developing handbooks that comply with the latest regulations and requirements will assure that your handbook is a perfect fit for your organization.

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