Small Business Solution

Small Business Solution

  • $299.99

Regardless of the number of employees you have, there are some basic HR tools that you need to have in place.  This information is important for compliance and sound management practices.

We make it easy, these are samples that you can edit and customize to fit your organization.  Tools are available to make it easy to write job descriptions and handle the performance evaluation process.

There are ABSOLUTE MUSTS for any business and that is Employee Handbook, effective hiring practices and a performance evaluation process that is sure to make this process easier and more else do you know you are getting what you need to out of your staff as well as ensuring strong customer service!

As with all solutions and tools, we recommend considering consulting along with it.  Our Partner Package is priced to be affordable for that one to one direct consulting with JBM as well as so many other opportunities to stay in touch with other partners that can share ideas and suggestions that you can benefit from on a regular basis moving forward.

Included in this solution: 

Employee Handbook Sample

If you ever wrote an effective, compliant handbook you will know the time needed to do it well. Downloading a free sample is a common error. Know your resources and the expertise behind the writing of such documents.

Employee Handbooks are the most important communication tool for any employer to have to ensure compliance and keeping communications clear with employees. If you have ever had to write a handbook yourself, you know the time and expertise needed to ensure you have a comprehensive and useful handbook.  

"Why Have Employee Handbooks?" Webinar

An employee handbook is a document that not only presents a professional image for your organization, but also ensures important policies are properly communicated to all employees in the same manner. 

Sample Interview Questions

This section will provide you with a series of interview questions that will be useful depending on the type of position as well as a "hiring checklist" to keep you on track with proper hiring procedures. Consistency in hiring matters! 

Hiring Right, The Selection Process Webinar

Watch this short webinar that will provide you with invaluable information on the best way to handle the hiring process..  Further, JBM has included a checklist to walk you through an effective New Hire Orientation process.

Guidelines for an effective hiring process

Performance Management Webinar

Take the time to review this webinar to help guide you through how to handle such meetings, what's important etc.  How to reduce liability, improve performance, and achieve your goals through a formal employee evaluation process.  Webinar is less than 45 minutes!