Zoom security...avoid learning the hard way!

Obviously we are using video conferencing more and more, for me right now, exclusively conducting meetings in this way.  If you are like me, I love using Zoom.  So whether it is Zoom or anything else, we need to be diligent about "locking down" our meetings.  Here are some Zoom Security updates that I recently got and wanted to share.  Stop and read these..it matters.

Encrypted meeting links, outlook does this I understand.

Forced encryption for all meetings.  The setting secures all data from your meetings and audio when using Zoom to ensure what you share and discuss with clients stays confidential.  Assuming that's the format of your meetings.  I have some that are public. This is tricky.

Disable cloud recording.

Disable in meeting chat.

Use waiting rooms to allow only those you "admit".

Lock the meeting once it starts.  This is when you have the participants desired on you then go to participants and click "lock meeting".

Set up your own two factor authentication.  Require password and only share with those authorized to attend.  Very hard to do with public invites obviously.

Remove unwanted participants.

Disable video.

Disable screen sharing!! This is an important one to do no matter what type of meeting.  You can then change "hosts" if you want someone in your meeting to take over.

Mute participants as a sign on and only when they need to speak they will then unmute them or you can do that as well.

I like to share what I learn and so this is a big lesson in doing all you can to keep your meetings "safe" from those video conference "bombers".

If you do have some that get through and share undesirable, disgusting information or video, be sure to call local authorities and report it.  Also contact the hosting company of your video conference.

The more we know....


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