Worrying is debt paid not yet due - but how do I not worry, my life is hard?

Are you one to worry?  Have you ever asked yourself how effective worrying is and how it effects the result?  Stop and take some time to jot down what you have worried about and what the outcomes were.  If you are like most you will realize it is a total waste of your emotional energy.  Results will not change with you worrying it just takes away our "moments".

I am a live in the moment person.  How did I get here. Well, like most of the valuable lessons in life, through the school of hard knocks and having a strong faith. Between the two, lessons are abundant and Faith allows us to believe in that we cannot see.  My Faith has be focusing on the control of God in our lives and boy is that freeing.

What taught me not to fear or be worried in particular? Well it did take a series of events but the most impactful event is one that no one wants to have to be provided that eye opening experience of realizing we really have little control of outcomes other than to live each moment and live in fully present.  So what am I talking about.

Ten years ago, with no warnig, no illness, no signals what so ever, my only son died suddenly.  He was driving to the health club for a swim and he died while driving.  His vehicle then hit a tree.  So on this day, how would I have known it was his last? Would it have mattered?  What if I worried about him all of the time, would he not have died that day?  Could I have stopped this from happening?  All of the answers are absolutley not.  This even made me realize worrying about anything wouldn't change a thing in life.  When it is our time to end our existence on this earth, it will happen.  How it happens, cause of death, we will not know of course, but in any case, our days our known from the date of conception as to how long we will be needed on this earth to have the impact and life out our purpose that was intended.  This sudden death made this abundantly clear.  No illness, no accident, no signs just gone in a flash.  

Years and years to build up stamina to come to grips with such a profound loss.  Yes I sure do go backwards at times, but my strength built up from believing in the power of God in my life and this builds strength that you wouldn't believe. Do you have a strong faith? If not, I would challenge you to find a path and a relationships with God.  It makes all of the difference in how you live your life more meaniningfully.  It doesn't have to be an organized religion, just understanding that you are not in control of your life, there is a much stronger "Power" who directs and guides our lives.  Once you believe in that, it's much easier not to be worrying throughout your life.

For those of us who are Christians, worrying is a sin actually.  Why? Because it means our Faith is weakened and we are to believe that with God, all things are possible.  We only encounter that which we can control.  This is not debateable to someone like me who has been through and continues a journey of extraordinary pain, yet able to be happy, joyful, productive, encouraging, supportive, positive and love life itself. Believe me, this is not possible on my own.  

Why do I write this?  Because I work with people as my profession would clearly show.  I see how people worry.  I see how it adversely affects their decisions at times, their mental and physical health almost certainly and what good does it do?

In order to fully understand what I am talking about, I would ask that you read my book 76  Feathers.  It was divinely inspired and its purpose is fully realized.  It is a self help book.  Learn about how you too can find calm in the midst of the hurricane.  It's possible no doubt.

Would love your feedback on the book.  https://www.amazon.com/76-Feathers-Remembered-Mothers-Journey-ebook/dp/B081TNTW9N  If you are like so many others, it has been 5 star with beautiful accounts of how it helped them.  

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