Reopening our businesses, the roller coaster ride begins!

I have been working with a variety of clients who are trying to do their best to plan for their reopening.  I have been doing a good deal of career coaching. The struggles my friends, are real.  Not only are they incurring expenses that somehow will need to be "shared" with customers/clients, but so much of what they need to buy isn't available.  Further, many are not working and seeking ideas on what to do for the future.  That is an exciting but unnerving time in one's life.  I help many through that through my coaching support.

The questions remain and the conflicting viewpoints are strong related to how to reopen, when to reopen, why we can't reopen, what truly are the risks related and when it comes down to it.  Perhaps we need to be independent, logical thinkers who move now to live their best life.  The basics of hygiene are welcomed back!  The focus on respect for others space, health and well being, front and center, how wonderful, but why so new of a concept?  And then there is the climate of political unrest that keeps creeping in from all angles creating unnecessary dissension among otherwise, friends. How exhausting that can be.  Let's face it, we believe what we believe and need to be respected in doing so.  No one side is right, no one side is wrong, perceptions, beliefs and opinions are what matter and neither side will change the other, so why try and cause dissension?

The issues are quite intense related to government going from informative and careful to now some view as dictating and controlling "their" people.  That will never fly, nor is it appreciated by most.  Free will is a God given right and most of us hold on to that intensely.  We can argue all day long about the economy but the reality is, we all should be able to see and agree that total shutdown is devastating on multiple levels for all of us.  People have always gotten sick, will continue to get sick and will always have vulnerabilities depending on their general health.  That's life, we need to take chances as we feel comfortable.  I would believe that most of us agree on these things, we care about one another, we don't want anyone deathly ill and we do want to have a means to financially support our family on our own.  

This difference among us and stresses related to this pause of course is penetrating the discussions around employees returning to work.  Such differing opinions and concerns.  This is causing so much stress for business owners as people are being lead to live in fear.  Some are going to ask too much of employers to "be sure" they are safe.  That my friends, is impossible.  Work at your own risk within reason. Most employers, at least those I deal with, are doing all they can to comply and go beyond to make their employees comfortable.  In the end however, it is up to an individual as to whether they want to work or not.  The employer can only do so much.

We will certainly see changes to how we work.  We will see significant changes in our physical workspace.  We will have new policies and rules to abide by, both employees and employers. We will see new hours and days of work that we may have never seen before. We all need to be flexible and work together. We have to get back to keeping our hygiene practices the way our mom's taught us, wash hands, stay away from others when sick, use tissues and keep clothes clean and neat.  That seems to be all it takes it seems with this virus and others.  So let's now move forward and persevere!

The pause has had some tremendous value for all of us though.  Not even related to the virus, the world around us has gotten away from the basics of all that is good for us.  This forced pause allows us to regroup.  It allows us to reflect on what's truly important.  It makes us realize that so much of what we felt was a "need" was truly  a want, perhaps even a luxury.  I don't know about you, but my expenses decreased significantly.  That is a strong positive.  The time I was "forced" to just "be" has increased my ability to find peace and enjoy quiet time.  I also picked up crocheting again and made some cool things for my new grandson coming to us in September.  I also focused more on my online business offerings and created new products to help those businesses that otherwise, can't afford high quality HR support.  My office has always been at home, but most of my services were in person onsite.  This has needed to change and I find it positive.  I can be more productive without drive time to and from client locations, I use less of  my client retainer hours and accomplish so much right from my home through video conferencing.  Win/win.

We are forced to find ways to work smarter.  This is a huge benefit as most organizations don't take the time to consider changes that would make a business more profitable, productive and more desirable as an employer.  This time of forced change has done that.  I have worked with many to focus on creatively retooling their business organization in all ways.

We will have many ups and downs as we adapt to our "new normal" but if we choose to embrace it, it will be positive.  Our perceptions are reality.  

So, I am grateful for this time.  I believe most will agree if not now, at some point in the near future.  Change is good, change is inevitable and if we embrace it, we will soar!

Think about it:  What have you learned from this pause?


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