Keeping millennials in focus during this Pandemic

Early Career Employees and the Pandemic...what should you consider?

Jeannine Brown Miller, MA SPHR
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Jeannine Brown Miller, MA SPHR

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This is having a negative effect on most everyone and all feel stressed at some level no doubt but have we wondered about how our young professionals view this pandemic related to their early careers? I had a talk with my daughter who is a CPA with Deloitte and she asked me if I heard from the younger generation of professionals. Since then I chose to research this a bit more to understand from their perspective. We don't have many answers, but we do have ways of getting through tough times and sharing such "coping" mechanisms and just listening could be all they need at this point.

Experience with adversity is our best teacher, so over time we build a bit more resilience to uncertainty and difficulties in life. Such Millennial employees more often than not, have not had such experiences yet. Therefore, this can be very overwhelming. After they were very young when 911 hit so that didn't have the impact this Pandemic is having, nor was it as widespread a tragedy in society, be it temporary, God willing.

So what can we do?

Give such employees an opportunity to vent. For my retainer clients, I am encouraging them to have their staff contact me to chat through their stresses and identify some coping mechanisms to get through successfully. Much of which is focused on polishing their skills and knowledge. Encourage them to follow a routine. Perhaps create one for those actively working from home or otherwise.

Encourage them to ask questions. We will not have all of the answers but the ability to talk to an adult who has had experience in life could put some fears to rest.

Share suggestions to encourage them, which is what I do through my coaching. Focusing on how they can becomes healthier, eat well, rest more, read more, learn more and value the simplicity of life. Most of us have not had the luxury to do so..yes I said luxury because there is a blessing in all of this no matter how hard it is.

Continue to keep them engaged in their work. Seek input, my retainer clients are now scheduling video conferencing for me to continue with team work and employee engagement opportunities, even the "essential" businesses. They need to find balance for their highly valued staff.

Be sure of expectations and provide guidelines with deadlines for work from home.

Keep methods of team meetings through video conferencing so all feel and stay connected.

Identify some fun employee engagement activities you can do from afar...exercise challenges, happy hours we are seeing, celebrate birthdays as a group or whatever you typically do, try to stick to such abilities to build relationships and show you care about the emotional well being of all.

One to one meetings are important, keep those going.

If you are want to offer additional opportunities for employees to speak with someone outside of your organization, reach out to JBM. For April, there will be a 100% discount for this product online.

While I am addressing our younger employee base, these basics will work for all ages. Be sure to take the time to focus on your employees.

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