Empowering Employees is the key to loyal, high performing staff

Too often we take our employees for granted, subsciously of course, but we are busy.  I get it. But let's be sure we realize that without a good employee, your business isn't represented well.  The key to optimizing employee loyalty and competence is to empower each and every one of them.

It is important that you provide the clear communications on expectations and performance regularly.  People need and deserve to know your expectations and how they stack up against that.  That is basic to good employee relations.

Employee empowerment comes when you have properly trained and support them and has significant impact on employee satisfaction, productivity, reliabililty, and engagement.  Share power, yes I said that, share power with staff in order to achieve better results for your company, customers and clients. Employees know best, how to do their job best.  Your role is to ensure the outcomes are in place as desired.

This doesn't happen over night.  I meet with employee groups to formallly discuss their challenges and together, they solve them.  We write up their plans, review with business owners/leadership and execute, monitoring over time  My clients who do this find they can't stop doing this results are clearly tied to full employee engagement.  I hear some of you, we don't have time..you don't have time not to if you desire optimal success and low turnover which we know is costly.

What can you expect?  Improved performance, reduced absenteeism, improved morale and buy in embracing accountability as they are doing it "their" way.

Cultures of engagement with employees are always better and employees enjoy working for such businesses.  From this, referrals come and most businesses struggle to find strong new employees.  If you have a reputation that is desirable as an employer, you will top the list of places to work.

I am big on allowing employees to build the culture.  Such a culture as I facilitate such a process, includes some of these important factors:





High service to clients/customers

Competitive tactics..seek to be the best

Freedom and responsibility within the culture



Active problem solving

Outcomes expected focus on revenue , improved support and efficiencies

Actions must support the mission

This approach needs full top level support.  Such top level positions must emulate the approach of including employees in making changes that impact their work, despite how small it may seem.  Provide them with a voice and "show" them you hear them and respect their opinions.

Those working from home need to be part of these groups as a reminder.

Giving a voice to all keeps them emotionally connected to the company as well. They see how they are doing against the written goals presented through this process.

Now I realize this isn't easily or effectively accompmlished through the business owner or supervisor faciliation. Employees need to feel they are sharing in a non threattening "space". That's where I come in. I have been doing quite a bit of this through video conferencing, so it is easy to accomplish this for any business size. 

Invest in proven best practices in optimizing the success of your business.  JBM can walk you through how this works.  It has been amazing for clients who fully embrace this method.  It is a culture change, not a one and done project.  It needs to be sustained over time and that comes from top down support and sticking to the "script".  (aka goals, actions and outcomes of each employee group)


Resolve conflict, remove roadblocks

I call this Building Organization Capacity!

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