COVID 19 our lives, businesses, view on life have changed

So here we are, two months into this.  In a flash our lives changed in many ways.  Our personal lives, our professional lives, our social lives.  Every turn, we need to rethink how to regroup and reconsider how to move forward.  I find that exciting.  I find this so challenging and challenges make us more creative.  We can actually have time to focus on "us" and our self care and what we really enjoy in life and what we truly value.  We can take some time to build new skills, perfect old skills, take course for professional development. We can determine if we should reconsider what we want to do in our lives.  Perhaps transition into a new business or career.  Look at the possibilities now that more and more of our business will heavily use technology. Are you prepared?  Should you update your equipment?  Should you take some classes on using technology and social media to create positive impact on your career or business? One thing we do know is that you need to reach out to others to help guide the process.  There are far too many moving parts to go forward with this alone.  

Wow the possibilities now that we are forced to focus differently.  I tend to love this, I do this for a living. I offer creative solutions to problem solving.  I offer ideas on how one can be a better version of themselves through my coaching support.  I encourage my clients to see the positive in all of their challenges.  I have learned to be sure to find silver  linings in everything that we are facing.  Challenges are intended to make us a better version of ourselves.  Happiness is a choice, you have complete control over your emotional state of mind! How powerful is that?!

Employers are facing some significant challenges we know.  I am helping many through such challenges.  The uncertainty of whether their business can survive.  Then if it can, how will it look? What do they need to change? What types of skills do they need in the people who work there? What type of technology do they need to consider?  What new management practices need to go in effect?  How do they manage concerned employees?  How will they be sure they keep a workplace free of health concerns?  What type of new PPE will be needed?  Can I afford it?  Do I need to change my prices for products and/or services? After all as a business owner, they will indeed incur new expenses. Can I keep the same employees?  Do I need all of this office space?  Perhaps there is a huge savings now that I should reconsider where employees should work from, working from home works.

What about the flexibility business owners will need to consider?  Flexible work schedules for one.  Paid sick time that is more generous than before.  Remote work arrangements are going to be the norm.  The rules are changing. Are we ready to write new policies, train employees, heavily communicate with staff and engage employees regularly to help us solve the issues?

Then what if we reopen then stop again? Should we start with minimal staffing and furlough some staff until we ride the tide a bit?  What about screening, should we consider virus screening?  Should we monitor daily health of staff, taking temperatures?

The first step is to focus on truly, what is essential to your business?  Go department by department, service by service, person by person to see who you truly need to reopen.  Review your organization structure, where is there room to change and cut costs?  It is often termed "respond, return, reinvention".  There is no company that will come back the same as they once were.

This is going to take a long time.  I wouldn't guess we know quite how this will look for at least the next six weeks.  Even once we are all "open" again, we are changed people who view life differently and have new fears and concerns.  Our workplace is made up of people, so that is going to be the main driver of changing to accommodate.

I am suggesting that my clients have phases of planning and ability to turn on a dime as we just don't know what is to come.  Do we ever anyway?  But in this case we know this virus is very unknown.  I haven't heard any one expert who I feel understands it and that alone leads to all of us having to be ready and able to make changes quickly.

So the fear that exists can be overriding our logic.  Let's regroup, depend on each other and use expertise to help you through this.  It isn't life ending, it is a chance for renewal.

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