Career Transitioning

The world is changing and you need to be ready.  What are you thinking? What are you concerned about?  Are you happy with your current career? Are you unemployed?  Are you frustrated or bored with your work?  Is your job uncertain? Is your performance not where it should be?  

If you answered yes to one or more of these you need to consider a change.  Life is short.  Find a job that is fulfilling.  How?

  • Focus on things you love to do.
  • Identify areas you are naturally strong in..focus on jobs that support such skills
  • Being open to a totally new way of working is important to optimize options.

What should you do when transitioning?

  • Consider your transferable skills
  • Fill the gaps in skills and experience – seek training necessary
  • Target a dream job/dream company
  • Consider moving within your existing company to another job
  • Be realistic but proactive
  • Be willing to start over
  • Consider education needed
  • Volunteer to learn more about the opportunity you are seeking
  • Network with those in the industry you are seeking
  • Focus on your Linked In and other social media accounts to support what you are focused on
  • Be takes time.
  • Read up on the position and/or industry you are seeking
  • Meet with people who do the work you are seeking
In order to truly delve into your personality traits that will help you find your ideal job, consider coaching.  JBM provides you with a Disc Assessment and together we review your innate strengths, areas of weaknesses, challenges, identify what you can change to move to that dream career and we develop next steps developing a formal plan that includes goals and action steps.  Without full attention to your career you will be missing many aspects that are important in order to fully understand the "real you" and how what you have can translate into a meaningful, even very  lucrative career.

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