Career Development - Retain the best! Be the best you can be!

Below is an archive video that can help you understand how you can keep employees interested, high performing and loyal to your business.  You should also be thinking about your own skills and how you can improve to optimize your effectiveness.   Listen to some of the options.  JBM provides Career Coaching that has proven to be highly effective for the employee and of course the organization as such coaching does the following:

Assess a person's innate strengths and challenges. 

Brainstorms with client/employee on what this all means and how they can apply this to real job situations.

What jobs are "out there".

How do they work on the weaknesses/challenges?  JBM helps them identify areas to practice in order to refine those skills that are impeding their performance but could substantially improve their work situation if they choose to make changes necessary to improve.

Together we develop an individual development plan with goals, actions and outcomes.

JBM will offer tools, training or whatever is necessary to move a client coaching to their enjoying the energy related to making necessary improvements.  

During this pandemic, let's focus on gaining new skills.  JBM is here to make this fun, easy and useful.

This could be especially important for your people who have lost hours and even their job with your business due to the Corona Virus.

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