Back to work! Now what?

We are getting back to work...Where are we going now?

Well with all of the changes we have had to consider, write up and implement we have to be mindful of our ongoing responsibilities related.
Risk Assessments are key to ensuring we have thought through the areas where people come into contact.  By now this has been done by all of you, the challenge is keeping on top of it and assessing how the protocols in place are working.
By now, our employees have read the safety plan, it is posted/saved in a common area for future reference and we are tracking compliance related.
I am sure you have all gone on line to "affirm" your safety protocols are in compliance.  Right?  IF so asap on NY Forward website.

Keep in mind that some of you have more than one "industry" type under your leadership. All phases and all specifics related to the industries must have their own compliant protocols and safety plans.

So where are we going?
Truly, while we have moved closer to some level of normalcy, we are just beginning this journey.  The restrictions are going to pose many challenges. We are living a world with no known way to prevent this pandemic. No cures.  Just alot of "fear" for many out there.  We have to manage that.

We have rules that are keeping us apart. Making relationship building and managing our employees a tad more difficult to say the least. 

We have to get used to being flexible and believing in our employees enough to let them work from where they are most productive, safe and comfortable.  In many instances it is from home.  Managing work performance is always important whether they are in office or home, really shouldn't't make a difference.  There are many ways to make this work well.

With all of what we do comes potential liability.  Thankfully I have been very active with most of you the entire time.  So we are on the same page and I can support you through it all.  What I have learned is that there are thousands of lawsuits already by employees against employers.  There are commercial disputes where some businesses are trying to get insurance coverage for this pandemic period due to "business interruption".  Also expect that there could be more lawsuits related to client/customers related to interactions with your business and some issues they may find with how comfortable or not they are with protocols in place.  We are seeing this all over with stores and restaurants will just begin to see how this can be quite the challenge.  I had one small business food business that decided NOT to have outside dining, he felt the fights just going in and out of his establishment was enough to manage with people judging others about being "safe". 

The issue of Worker's Comp will likely come up.  Where did they get COVID from...well work of course.  However, they will have a difficult time proving this and it is unclear as to where worker's comp stands with this right now.

OSHA may be more a player these days as well.

Having said all of this, I am with you through it all and we will get through each and every bump in the road.

Talk soon, Jbm

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