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Worrying is debt paid not yet due - but how do I not worry, my life is hard?

Are you one to worry?  Have you ever asked yourself how effective worrying is and how it effects the result?  Stop and take some time to jot down what you have worried about and what the outcomes were.  If you are like most you will realize it is a total waste of your emotional energy.  Results will not change with you worrying it just takes away our "moments". I am a live in the moment person.  How did I get here. Well, like most of the valuable lessons in life, through the school of hard knocks and having a strong faith. Between the two, lessons are abundant and Faith allows us to believe in that we cannot see.  My Faith...

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Back to work! Now what?

We are getting back to work...Where are we going now? Well with all of the changes we have had to consider, write up and implement we have to be mindful of our ongoing responsibilities related.Risk Assessments are key to ensuring we have thought through the areas where people come into contact.  By now this has been done by all of you, the challenge is keeping on top of it and assessing how the protocols in place are working.By now, our employees have read the safety plan, it is posted/saved in a common area for future reference and we are tracking compliance related.I am sure you have all gone on line to "affirm" your safety protocols are in compliance.  Right?  IF...

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COVID 19 Pause and the silverlinings - Did you find them for yourself?

I tend to be the type of person that truly uses life as the best educator - the "school of hard knocks is the best teacher" I always say.  Why because it is. If we look at all that comes our way and consider the lesson and value to what that experience is to provide, boy can we grow. Good or bad, all are good if we find the lesson within it.  As with all learning, once we see the lesson, we need to begin to make changes if we are going to experience the value of such a lesson (s). What did I learn from the PAUSE?  So much. Here are just a few things: The ability to just...

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