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How has the Workplace Changed since COVID 19?

In all of my years in HR (over 35) I have never seen such changes in the way we work in such a short period of time.  The professionals and leaders who once were against telecommuting, working from home, alternative work schedules suddenly see the value.  This alone is a HUGE change.  Many have felt that their traditional work ethic of feeling guilty unless they were present at a work office/site has suddenly vanished as they see how productive people can be no matter where they are.  I have had the benefit of this experience for the last 12 years, so it isn't new to me to understand how effective and productive one can be in a home office.  I...

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Post COVID-19 - Key areas that seem to be flooding the legal system

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) hourly (non exempt) employees must be paid for  any hours over 40 in a workweek.  The issues seem to be around the new tasks required before they start work or complete work that include the time for health screening, temperature screening, and cleaning of work spaces.  Such time is considered to be compensable, I guess that's the debate in the courts.Off the Clock Work is an issue as well for those who work from home.  Many are now working remotely and often are working outside of regular work hours.  There is a risk here is employers are not being diligent about tracking ALL time worked and pay for this time including work performed during...

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Ways to Engage Employees Working Remotely

Keeping in close touch with those who are working remote is very important not only for productivity but to minimize the turnover.  We know that employees who feel disengaged, leave organizations.  Let's not be in this category. An inclusive work environment structure doesn't just happen, it takes considerable effort.  Many people are feeling isolated, alone and disengaged just because of what COVID 19 has done to us all. Whether it be family we aren't able to see, work colleagues or social events, we are feeling very stressed over how our lives have changed.  Such a change, changes what we need and employers need to understand this in order to make shifts in culture and dynamics that work best. The engagement...

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