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Resolve Conflict in the Workplace!

Active listening, compassionate leadership, recognizing the ways in which you reach people "where they are" all are key to resolving conflict. It's not easy but it is necessary. In these times this seems to be more and more an issue and we all know why right? Between societal unrest, the...


Are You Experiencing Skills Gaps?

While many complain that they experience skill gaps, little is being done to resolve this issue. It is important to understand exactly what you are seeking and lacking in order to find ways to improve your search strategies. Perhaps you even need to change policies and practices related to the...


Keep the workplace calm in the midst of societal unrest

We are seeing how behaviors are getting quite out of control. This climate "out there" is so divided. Our passion is turning into violence. There seems to be irrational, I believe, extreme feelings on what is "right" and what is "wrong". When in fact, we are all different. Our differences...