The Great Resignation!

Nearly half of workers out there are considering quitting their jobs at the moment and this is referred to as “The Great Resignation”.

What are you doing to address this?

Some are throwing money at it but the reality is you have to consider the psychological factors that make work more meaningful and sustainable. The real solutions are not costing organizations anything actually at least initially.

Here are a few ideas:

Career transparency, providing a clear sense of how one can grow in your organization and providing the support to do so. Many feel professionally stifled where they are. Many are seeing their career path stalled or paused too long so they are seeking those jobs that provide career paths that are clear and attainable.

Effective and continuous communication is what provides the roadmap for employees to see how this will play out at your organization. Encouraging manaers to regularly sit down with their teams to discus personal growth and development plans is a very important method of communication to build into your culture. Be that active listener. Be focused on what your staff are saying and ensure they have a say in how their worklife pans out.

Create a growth plan. Determine what each employee values and seek to set up a path that will be palatable and rewarding for them. Some want to have a more enriching job and some want promotional opportunities while others may want to learn new skills. Whatever it might be, the only way to find out is regular, ongoing communications.

Create a schedule of “check ins”. Keep the communications flowing, track progress and see how their career progression is working out.

Celebrate wins! We know how important it is to share this and celebrate with the person and share with others how this is working in your organization.

Make sure your staff have room to grow and develop. Create opportunities where you can mutually benefit. Think out of the box. One thing we know for sure, same old same old is NOT going to work.

Make sure your staff not only know about opportunities but see actions that support their room to grow and that you will provide them the help to get where they want to go. This alone will reduce unexpected turnover!

Post pandemic, employees know how they want to spend their time. It is more miportant now for employers to engage employees in mission-driven work on what makes them fulfilled and motivated. I know I write alot about this and have done so far before the pandemic, but this is not more relevant than ever!

The focus of my consulting is to retain the best employees for optimal performance results. The approaches used are successful and so I regularly like to share such tips. Get the help you need to structure your approach in a proven effective manner. JBM is here to help!

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