Streamlining operations and comunications with technology is key!

As you focus on improving efficiencies, technology is a HUGE part of all of this. As we focus on how we retain and recruit staff, employees relations, employee engagement asking employees how things can improve need to be part of determining the technology.

When is the last time you evaluated your current system utilized? Many organizations are not using it to its fullest.

What types of work are your staff doing that would be more effiicient and more accurate if a system could perform the work?

Improved uses of technology do many things beyond what’s mentioned above such as:

  • Allowing staff to perform other tasks that require a person and their professional skills to contribute more effecitvely
  • Functions related to payroll, finance, HR information employee related and compliance related are some obvious areas that using technology could significantly increase your functions related and save an incredible amount of staff time that is otherwise focused too heavily on tasks computers can do
  • Improve communications through use of technology; using videoconferencing and team engagement regularly through systems often is not only a huge time saver but keeps communications regularly flowing without in person meetings that may take more time than necessary
  • Be sure to handle this in a manner that doesn’t make one feel their job is in jeopardy. Typically there are other, more important duties they could do if some of their time was open.
  • Using technology will allow you to run important reports and trends so that you can more readily track overall performance of your organization in a manner that is efficient and accurate.
  • Be sure to connect the physical and digital worlds in the process.

Avoid the “pennywise, pound foolish” approach to change. Automation frees up employees to focus on business-critical tasks!