It’s time to stop and focus on the total employee experience!

Just what does this mean?

So often organizations focus on salary alone as the driver for retention and recruitment…I am here to tell you that my extensive experience (30 plus years) in dealing with people in the workplace, this is NOT the only important aspect of a decision to stay or come to your organization.

What should you consider?

Employee orientation/onboarding needs to be a focus to have a formal program that immediately engages a new hire.

Learning and professional development opportunities are highly valued. Do you budget for this?

The workplace experience including:

  • Flexiblity in work schedules and locations. In this reconsider any residency requirements you might have. Ask yourself why you would limit your talent pool and not have the ability to hire the best person for the job to best help your organization? I have seen this in many organizations and it hinders their ability to optimize performance and frankly, simply doesn’t make alot of sense.
  • Good job descriptions and role clarification.
  • Performance management needs to be a focus. Employees without feedback disengage, become demotivated and typically resign. Effective performance management “shows” you care…to just say so means nothing. Regular and ongoing feedback is critical to keep employees engaged and motivated.
  • Employee relations…how well do we show we care about our employees? How do we treat them when we are seeking to “correct” or guide them through their struggles? What is our approach, our tone, our ability to remain calm and professional? Are we acting in a manner consistent with showing respect? These are extremely important!!
  • What caregiving considerations do we have? Are we sensitive to childcare/eldercare issues? How can we balance scheduling and helping our employees reduce stress related?
  • Valuing our differences - the buzz word now seems to be “inclusion”, but this shouldn’t be a new topic. We should always value the differences in all of us as that is what makes us strong working together! Respect for all people, their value as people regardless of their what they look like or their personal differences/physical attributes ensures we are “inclusive”.
  • Employee engagement…my personal favorite! This provides for ALL to be part of the success of an organization. Leaders need to understand that they are not the ones who know best, they have to nurture and guide those who do so that together the “best” results occur.
  • Paid time off is highly valued. How do you compare?
  • What about your benefit packages related to health and wellness? Costs and types of healthcare coverage are a huge focus for all. See how well you balance this in your overall compensation strategies.

If you are not focusing on the above as critical to your recruitment and retention and operational efficiencies as highlighted in last week’s Tuesday tips…you are behind the curveball and will not be competitive in a highly competitive environment for retaining and recruiting the best!