Just a quick overview of the activation training for the Hero Act

My phone has been nonstop with the details related, especially the training component. While there isn’t a crystal clear template to follow for this, here is what you need to cover from what I have heard so far:

  • Explanation of the Infectious Disease..COVID explained
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Explanation of your plan
  • Activities and locations most vulnerable - identify such places
  • Use and limitations of exposure controls…specifically explain what you are doing related to this

This training can be pre recorded which is a good idea especially when new people come on board. It must be reviewed by new hires during this activation period as well. Don’t forget the plans must be in the hands of all employees. Remind your visitors when they are coming to your sites about what they need to do per your protocols. By now you have your “go to” compliance person (s) and committee in place where required (if more than 10 employees). The committee makeup is specific as well. It must represent all employees and be sure not to have it “management heavy”. While new requirements seem to keep coming up, this is updated as of last week.

Bottom line, masks required is best practices, vaccinated or not. Social distancing and cleaning protocols should be solidly in place.

If you need any further support or guidance reach out!

Warm regards, Jbm