Talent Aquisition has become quite the challenge for ALL industries! What are you doing to stand out?

When is the last time you reviewed your job titles?

How well do such titles match up to popular culture expectations?

Trend driven titles are important! We need to do what we can to appeal to the candidates who “write their ticket” and can be very discerning regarding which job opportunities to go for. Since there are so many out there, you need to standout somehow and one way is to review all job openings and consider changing their titles to reflect what appeals to the masses these days.

A good example is in my field…. Originally referred to as “Personnel”, then Human Resources overall and now specifically titles for certain HR positions that reflect functionally what they do. Such titles you might find are Chief Happiness Officer, Adventure Coach, Whistleblowing Coordinator. While there are many out there, these seemed to be most unusual. I can’t say I even like them but if they work to pull in candidates you desire, why not be creative and consider making some changes to your job titles?

I tend to recommend titles that reflect job responsibilities. Being one who likes to get to the chase, which is many people I believe, the title should quickly tell me what I will be doing overall. In this case consider the key responsibilities, tasks and overview of the position.

This concept is nothing new as I have been recommending this approach to my clients for many, many years. We do functional job descriptions with titles to match. In a nutshell, you write the duties then decide what to call it!

Companies that choose to create dedicated positions that are easily identifiable to the “right” candidates will be ahead of their competitors.

Lesson here? Stop and redo job descriptions to assign titles that will make sense for our current times!

Need help, I can walk you through this as it is has been a successful approach I have used for many years. Now I am reading it is more of a competitive edge effort to attract new candidates.

Reach out!