HR Compliance is just getting more and more complex

This enewsletter is short and sweet. It focuses on what I have seen so many businesses struggling with and that is outdated employee handbooks. This is one “job” that many feel is just cumbersome and often avoid. I am here to tell you this is a HUGE oversight. Employees need the information. Managers need this tool to manage consistently and fairly and you as a business leader/owner need to ensure you are in compliance.

JBM makes this easy. Handbooks are kept updated and include proven best practices. Such documents must be customized, supervisors need to be trained on how to implement (which is stressed if you purchase this through JBM) as this is the most important part of having one and finally employees are provided with the new document and/or updates as necessary and appropriate given compliance related.

Let JBM help! There is an Online option available for those that desire to do it yourself or JBM will be happy to guide the entire process.

Online sample available here https://hrwebsource.com/p/employee-handbook-sample-template

The time is now to review your documentation “post COVID” to see what needs to change!