Best Change Management Strategies

Managing Change is so important, be strategic in your efforts!

Plan Carefully - before you move forward be sure you have a clear plan that focuses on when, how and why the change is taking place. Document tasks to get there and how responsiblities will change for anyone affected. Be sure to include such individuals along the way!

Be transparent …as much as you can be - There is confidentiality related to changes, we know that but carefully think through what you can provide as good information to reduce the morale and fear issues that come from ambiguity.

Be Truthful - being honest with staff to the extent that you are able to is the best route to go. People can handle difficult information if they know you are being honest. Avoid the gaps in information that cause distrust and suspicions that will drastically reduce performance and likely cause high turnover.

Create the roadmap - my clients know this well. We do department planninng that involves all employees at all levels where the mapping is done from every position so that all are in alignment.

Provide training and support - much of what I do with clients organically does just this. We train and guide along the way so that we cover the necessary gaps in knowledge and skills that will be necessary moving forward.

Engagement is key, outcomes are measured and formal plans are developed - my approach is thorough and proven effective. It involes detailed plans that have goals, action steps, timelines and measurements. It involves full employee engagement and empowerment and it results in a stronger group of teams working together.

Don’t expect change to happen overnight! To do this right, it takes time and effort!