It’s time to plan your HR focus to keep up with trends and employee expectations

Continuous Learning -Be sure employees are learning on a regular basis. Those who need to become better using technology should be a focus. Continuous learning is a career journey for all of us. Online options are becomining increasingly more popular due to being time efficient and cost effective. JBM has use this method for years. Here are a few of the topics updated recently.

Talent acquisition is going to be a very important focus area as this is vital for any company. Learn what you need first, review your structure, determine skill/experience gaps and hire accordingly. Make this project a strategic one. Do not just hire to replace but hire to match strategy and needs. Recruting is one thing, retaining is another, both extremely important areas to focus on. How you hire and how you structure positions will need to match the desires of those strong candidates. Be flexible! Use technology and hybrid models of the “workplace” arrangement. Think work/family balance while at it!

Enhance the employee experience by creating a culture that is desirable, positive, engaging and empowering. I talk about this all of the time because I know it works. Seek to increase employee satisfaction, this ultimately improves your reputation which then makes you a far more desirable place to work.

Performance management methods can be handled in a variety of ways but it must be a focus. The process should include defined targets/goals and regular check ins for progress of making changes as necessary. Continuous feedback is very important. Once or twice a year formally remains best practices despite trending ways of handling this otherwise based on my 30 years of watching such a variety of methods.

New types of leaders should be considered. More diverse leaders who are able to run businesses the “digital way”. The ability to manage dynamic teams together with an interest in continuous employee development is so important. Those who recognize the value of utilizing employees in decision making. Those who are open to new and different ideas. Those who seek to be efficient and practical encouraging creative problem solving and new ways of doing what we do!

Digital HR is also very important. More and more companies are using data about employees to improve staff recruitment. My clients value exit interviews that I hold for them to track how those leaving have viewed the experience but naturally we want to keep in touch with those who are active to retain the best and keep up on their needs, desires and interests.

Consider how machines can replace functions before you hire more people. What kind of jobs can be replaced by machines? What ones should be performed only by people? This calls for redesign of positions and reconsideration every time a position opens. I do this regulary with my clients. Determine “essential human skills” with those that are best done by “robots/computers”.

Contact JBM who offers best practices and keeping up with trends to keep your HR efforts competitive and develop an organization that runs in a cost effective, highly productive manner!