The pandemic experience is forcing workplace changes…be prepared, be open

As many clients are now having more in person meetings again, juggling time for meetings is harder once again. I happen to love the in person types of meetings but I realize that a hybrid model will be something I continue to use to be most effective and efficient for my clients. Video and in person all works. The type of meeting is what changes which is the best format.

What am I hearing more and more?

  • Family needs and more time with family are at the front of employee’s minds
  • Excessive workloads and time at work are not considered something that many are willing to continue..what happens? You lose the best!
  • Employee engagement isn’t as strong as it needs to be. So many leaders feel they have a handle on what their employees are thinking. I am here to tell you, you have half the story at best! I hear the other side when I come in to talk through their issues and work on solutions. BE OPEN to how important this third party faciliation is to your success.
  • Turnover will be higher than not. In those organizations where traditionally turnover was low we are seeing a trend that shows us that people no longer care as much about the “golden handcuff” benefits and are more focused on their work/life balance.
  • Many leaders make the mistake of believing that they have effectively listened to their staff, but many also are not making changes that address legitimate struggles. Listening is only valued if it has visible results for improvement.
  • The cost of turnover is so much greater than many realize. Your investment in training staff and time on the job is what makes them help you be successful. In a minute you could lose all of that investment. Why? because we are not “listening”!!

These are just a few things that have major impact on your business!

My clients understand this and so we are making huge in roads. Employee relations is key to the success of their business. Creatively restructuring workflow and process is a focus. Employee empowerment is the name of the game for how I work with clients because that is 100% the best way to achieve positive change with positive outcomes.

How well are you handling this aspect of your business? How much do you invest in making a workplace that will attract and retain the best. In this job market, you are kidding yourself if you think this isn’t going to impact you in significant ways.

Don’t be that employer who is known “on the streets” as one to work employees to the bone. Burnout the norm and no light at the end of the tunnel. This gets out very quickly. Are you finding it hard to attract candidates? Yes I know there are many reasons people aren’t applying for some jobs, but don’t discount that the reputation of your organization may be such that you are not viewed as palatable.

Any time I am with client groups, employees, without fail, mentioned how grateful they are they I was hired in the capacity to help guide the organization to an improved workplace structure. This comes with goals and outcomes, so the culture of respect and accountability are front and center. I love the impact of this type of work with clients.

Reach out to begin your journey of excellence as an employer and business!