When I left my executive career, I took with me the most important concepts that companies, organization leaders need to know.

One of the most important lessons I learned in my early career was that the only way to full effectiveness is employee engagement at all levels. Not everyone gets this concept. Not everyone understands why it is so valuable unless they go through this process with me. I call it “Building Organization Capacity through full employee engagement”.

Why is this so effective? To me, it is simple, our employees know more about how to do their jobs best than we do. So why are we not asking them? Why are we not seeking what they need from us? Why do we think we have to know it all…actually mature leaders know, we don’t. Employees respect leaders who in turn show they value them as people and as employees. Are you serious about creating a strong performing work group? Take note of what makes this work.

First I start with determining what you are trying to achieve. What your teams want to achieve and then together we decide the who, what, where, when and how’s. If it isn’t written, it won’t happen, so remember that.

The written documents contain the actions and how progress is measured. This requires regular review and feedback up and down chain of command. We all keep on another accountable and true to our changes we identified would make it all come together.

Be sure your staff members in the right positions and if not fully performing, you have identified how to help them. Work to offer professional development as part of just who you are to work for. Nothing is more appreciated than an employer who helps us grow and recognize our talents.

One focus of course in order to be sustainable is to ensure we are focused on our clients and their needs. We need to be in tune with what they appreciate, what works for them and how best to deliver the “product” they expect. Without them, we have no business to “sustain”.

Every plan written has a mission and vision statement. One for each unit of homogeneous groups that is how they seek to move the organization toward the overall mission and vision. This we keep front and center throughout our work together.

Ongoing communication is absolutely essential. We build in such new practices so that it becomes a natural part of how we engage one another.

Throughout our work together, we talk about how we are doing, individually and as a team. Are we stressed? If so, why and how can we change that? Are you feeling supported? What do you need from your leaders? We never lose sight on the fact that we are addressing people and people matter. Their personal and professional lives matter. We want to be sure we stay in tune with how they are handling life and offer help where needed. We know now more than ever, mental health is a huge issue. Our emotional well being is brought to work and it directly impacts all around us. It is worth a company’s investment to do all they can to help employees through their trials.

Over time, measure how your culture is changing. This is a contagious process for my clients as they value the results they achieve in working these plans with staff and my guidance all along.

This is not fluff my friends, this is what every organization needs to do, large or small.