Consider how you stack up against those who are considered as the most effective of leaders

Are you this type?

  • Want to be liked
  • People pleaser
  • Make promises you can’t keep; overpromising is such a negative
  • Keep strong opinions to oneself; what value are you bringing if you are not including your opinions and perspectives?
  • Overdue compliments, credit and praise; we surely want to add this to our leadership approach, but do we overdo it? If we do, the value of such comments get lost.
  • Play favorites (even if they want to appear not to)
  • Give people tasks they enjoy rather than what’s necessary; rarely challenging employees or asking them to do more
  • Focus more on being liked than being effective

OR are you this type?

  • Tell the truth even if it isn’t “popular”; you hear me saying this often if you know me…do what is right not what is popular
  • Explain your thinking behind difficult decisions; this is a teaching moment; we should seek to have others understand the “whys” behind our thoughts and decisions
  • Acknowledge the “elephant in the room”; another one of my favorites. Why do we avoid this so much? I know it is uncomfortable but once out, the positives that come of it far outweight the “few moments” of discomfort
  • Open minded and decisive
  • Able to tolerate disappointment of others, even sadness and anger in selves or others
  • Hold people accountable; afterall isn’t that your primary purpose as a leader?
  • Consistent and fair in setting rules and expectations; objective, reasonable, fair..always key
  • Set and honor boundaries for selves and others
  • Deliver negative feedback directly and timely; be that kind person who seeks to help others see what they can address and improve upon
  • Ask for feedback from others and more importantly act on it
  • Apologizes and admits mistakes
  • Models behaviors expected from others

Being respected is more important than being liked. Most of us would want to be liked I am guessing but don’t let that stand in the way of being more effective. To seek to be liked by all you are compromising your authenticity, integrity and value to an organization. Such types achieve far less than those who have traits in the second grouping above. Anyone who has worked with me in developing their own skills has heard the above concepts more than once I am sure!

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