HR Audits given all of the changes this past year are likely!

For most organizations, there have been so many changes to ensure are in place. The new policies, the new leaves, the revisions to handbooks and of course the importance of effectively implementing all of them. This makes for a good reason for Department of Labor types of audits. In my years in the HR field, I find that they will focus on such audits when they believe people are more likely to have deficiencies. With so many changes this year, this makes it easier to find the flaws. So what you should you?

Minimally consider your own HR Audit. I am including a link to my online options. This assessment is comprehensive and offers information related to each topic area to help better understand the “why” of each question. It is quick and easy and will give you a jump start as to where you stand. If any question makes your pause, seek to learn more about what it is asking. Don’t just assume you are good as is. I find that when I conduct these with clients, more often than not, even working with the HR staff, they are not certain about certain questions being asked. That should quickly prompt you to find out more about it. In any case, I offer this because it is popular for companies and quickly brings you focused on key areas of potential liability.

You may need to have multiple people involved in answering the questions. I would highly recommend you have the people that handle the day to day aspects of the topics so that you are sure that all areas of the topic being addressed are handled appropriately. I typically have HR staff, payroll and finance staff and other key leaders depending on function and structure of the organization.

Whether it be HR practices, compensation and benefits questions, recordkeeping, training and hiring…take the time to be sure you have practices that are necessary and effective in place.