What should you do as so much of this is becoming a bigger issue given all that so many are juggling?

Personal lives matter

One’s personal life and their ability to effectively handle their jobs and interact effectively with others is often at risk when one is extremely stressed. Many clients find this a huge challenge and together we work through it to get to the most effective ways in managing this sensitive issue.

Stick to the objective criteria of what is going wrong

Give examples, more specific the better so one fully understands how their behaviors are impacting the workplace

Give specific examples of what you consider inappropriate behaviors and be sure to help them understand what you expect to change. Often just one good meeting with such detail is enough. We often cannot see how we affect others especially when we are struggling ourselves.

What about use of your EAP?

Some organizations have the advantage of calling upon the services provided by your EAP. Their best use is with mental health related issues from my experience. They provide the personal one to one counseling that one needs when their behaviors are impacting their worklife. In some instances you can require attendance at sessions for improvement and continued employment. I can guide you through how to do so in a compliant, compassionate manner.

Offer Leave options?

The best way to handle personal problems is often moving away from other parts of your life that you are having difficulty juggling. Work being a common one. This can be using any paid or unpaid leave option. Most of my clients do have an unpaid personal leave policy just for situations like this. The lack of quality performance could cost you more than allowing them time away to get better.

Keep communications open

This employee may need a great deal more of your attention and time to stay focused. Setting priorities, staying on task and dealing with roadblocks are often issues we find they need most help with.

ADA protections

Keep in mind that some of these issues may fall under the ADA realm and in this case, as an employer, you have an obligation to engage in the “interactive process” to help them deal with accomodations that could help them meet the essential functions of their jobs. Simply asking what they need, how you can help, goes a very long way.

Be empathetic, offer help and guidance as we know that personal problems can build up so much that they truly need our help.

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