Just when you thought you were all set with all of the leaves to abide by for COVID, there are more being added. In addition to the COVID 19 leave in NYS for isolation and qurantine, there is an additional requirement of giving paid time off if they exceed the 5/14 days for this leave if they have to be out of work with issue related to COVID. The reasons are wide open. The amount of time unclear and the number of times one can use it also not defined as of yet. But be mindful of this as a concept to consider before having employees off with unpaid time.

Vaccination leave pay is also lurking. This is likely to come into play in April of 2021. This requires employers to provide up to 4 hours of leave to get the two vaccinations each year. I would suggest you consider having vaccinations on location to reduce time away from work. You can ask for documentation to confirm this leave time.

So are you ready? COVID 19 leave, NYSPSL, Vaccination leave, FMLA, DBL etc...there is alot to juggle. Seek the help you need. Get support in juggling these leaves now!