Chances are your workplace "looks" a bit different. Perhaps you have downsized. Maybe expanding other jobs to take over tasks others used to be in before downsizing. Compensation may be stagnant due to the costs and reductions to your budget that may be necessary

In doing the reorgnizations, did you pay close attention to the skills that were "leaving" with the person? How did you plan for skill gaps?

What about your strategic initiatives, certainly they all need to be reviewed and rewritten by now. Keep the focus short term and manageable given the volative and everchanging climate.

Determine the pros and cons to the changes you have had to make such as flex scheduling, hybrid work models, telecommuting, work from home, technology upgrades as the basics.

What about training? Did you ensure your compliance training continued? No excuses here, employees had more time than ever to get training online. Especially related to Anti Harassment. Easy access that many take advantage of Click here and train now! Why would you put this inevitable compliance requirement off?

Did you consider professional development otherwise. Your supervisors are lacking best practices if you are not formally having them focus on how to improve their role in your organization. This is why I offer these topics Click here for tried and true webinars

What about your employee handbooks and the require changes needed. This too can be easiliy handled using my compliant handbook template right here

This isnt' about upsell as much as it is that I provide you with the best practices and remind you to focus on these important compliance areas as well. As you add job duties and perhaps even add supervisory responsibilities for some, you owe it to them to offer training. The webinars are the least you can offer to such staff. It isn't fair not to offer tools to ease their transition.

Finally, formally develop that skills gap analysis and determine your firm plan on "backfilling" those "essential functions". I have done a great deal of this with clients so I know the need. The issue most people have is not knowing where to go for such help. This all could be covered using my support services that so many others do. HR Now is right here at your fingertips! Join in!

Being in the field of HR for 30 plus years, known for my proactive and "user friendly" approach to change management and employee engagement and relationships to optimize performance is a HUGE benefit to all who enroll with me and allow me to serve along side them.

Get busy and make these changes now! No excuses, resources are right here.