If you do nothing else for yourself or your supervisory staff, at least provide them with best practices handling their important roles

JBM has made this easy…based on best practices, highly positive feedback and practical ways of addressing these important topis with staff. They are short and powerful tools

Respect in the Workplace - avoid unnecessary unlawful claims due to behaviors or an environment that isn’t focused on the “people” . https://hrwebsource.com/p/respect-in-the-workplace-free-webinar

Resolve Conflict..I know, you avoid it because you aren’t sure how to go about it right? Probably yes.. here are provenly effective ways to do so https://hrwebsource.com/p/cr

So many calls are related to how to handle Disciplinary Action…you need to know the “right” way to do so to avoid unnecessary litigation but more importantly to get the performance you desire. Here is your resource https://hrwebsource.com/p/disciplinary-process-best-practices

Terminating an employee is one of the most difficult of tasks. First because it is hard to see someone lose their job but it is also difficult because you aren’t sure how to do this appropriately and keeping the focus on human dignity through the process. Here is your guide https://hrwebsource.com/p/terminating-an-employee

You will see many other topics when you go to the webinars page. All are here because they are the most common topics that supervisors/leaders endure in their role. Keeping them simple and highly informative is my goal.

Group rates are always an option. Give your staff a gift of education and support. This is a very inexpensive perk that all should consider offering.

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