Stop to take the time to plan your focus for 2021~

Trending in HR and Focus for Businesses of any size! This information is to simply ensure you are “in the game” for recruiting and retaining the best!

  1. Determine how to best search for new staff. We have to think differently about this. Do not just hire for a “job” but focus on skill gaps and skill needs. Take the time to assess your organization, your current team make up and see what skills could improve the team dynamics and performance.
  2. Say goodbye to using HR as just an administrative wing but rather seek strategic partnerships to help guide you. You have to have good operations but your HR focus should be on high level skills needed in such a position. My clients have seen the benefits, it is important that you hire accordingly. Whether you are a large organization who would want someone like this on staff or you choose the consultant route, just be sure you get these higher level skills. This isn’t an area to be pennywise and poundfoolist. Obvously the consultant route is a bigger bang for your budget, but either way. Focus on high level talent.
  3. Embrace the Hybrid Office. It is here to stay and for good reason. It works very well for some positions and some people. The key as I stress is having a work agreement outlining expectations and stay connected with such individuals. Be open to this or you could find yourself in a situation where you may lose good people and/or reduce productivity. As there are more paid leaves out there, this should be more interesting to you. Flexible schedules as well. Find ways to keep people working regardless of where they are or what hours they work. You just need the results!
  4. The change to our work locations could lead to more detachment, so take the time to be sure you are regularly meeting with all staff, especially those who work remote.
  5. Trends in leadership remain but more intensely on a nurturing style versus a policing style of management. Very simply, you will lose good people if you act as if you do not trust them by micromanaging. It is that simple. Ask yourself, would you want someone watching your every move and making you feel like you aren’t ethical enough to do the work as you should?
  6. Seek to understand your workforce. By using what I use, the Disc Profile, you quickly and very accurately can determine what makes an individual work best, motivators, areas of challenge and innate strengths. This is becoming more the norm for a workplace. Again most of my clients already use these, so they understand the benefits, but for a minimal investment leaders can quickly determine the strengths and challenges, how to get them to work with others, how to help them resolve conflict with others and what types of positions are optimal for their personality profile. I use these regularly for team building, conflict resolution, leadership coaching, career coaching, performance management tactics and relationship building overall.
  7. Embracing the use of the virtual world and using technology for training, team buildling, regular meetings, increased communcation while keeping to your goals of working smarter, not harder. We are fortunate to have such technology. Invest in whatever you need to to ensure you staff have the “tools” they need to use technology!
  8. The best leaders for the future will be those who are well rounded. They can be both hard and soft in their approach, they are compassionate, they are nurturing, flexible, supportive and strong mentors. Human nature is such that this is the type of leader that gets the most of others, many years of studies have found that to be true. My personal experience has first hand viewing of this regularly. The best leaders are those who act in a way that influence desired behaviors and make others feel good about accomplishments and professional development. Remember that identifying weaknesses and challenges one has is all part of effective leadership. We care about others by showing them their shortcomings and helping them through it.

Be honest with yourself. Think through your own style. If you desire to seek this in a more objective manner and immediately determine ways you can be more successful, give me a shout. Disc profiles are the way to go! It doesn’t need to be anything expensive or overly involved but this provides amazing information to optimize performance at all levels. I do a great deal of coaching online as it is cost effective and time efficient. Consider it!